Saturday, April 6, 2013

Salt Hill 30, Macedonia, Deutschland and More

So, I've got a short story in the latest issue of Salt Hill, Syracuse University's gorgeous literary journal. I'm really quite thrilled about it; this story is an old one that I started sending out this summer in earnest. I wrote it-- or rather, its first lines-- over ten years ago, late at night when I lived in New York. I had probably just watched either Cabaret or an Almodóvar film, because I was obsessed with both at the time. It's called Proper Food for Children.

In other news, Yoga Bitch will be translated into Macedonian, which is thrilling-- please do tell all your Macedonian friends to keep an eye out for it.

And the German edition of Yoga Bitch is in bookstores right now! It's got a new title, Bin Ich Schon Erlaüchtet? Which means, Am I Enlightened Yet? Pretty neat, if you ask me. (And the answer is nein.)

Other than that, I'm about to disappear for a while to get the new book into second draft. Exciting, scary, etc. I am drowning in notes, outlines, half-written scenes. Time to get this thing together.

AND! I know you're all dying to know how Spartacus turned out. Oh, Spartacus. Spartacus is a bad drug. I know it's terrible, but I can't stop watching it. So, consider yourselves warned, and stick to Game of Thrones.

Till next time,