Sunday, December 21, 2008

The White Death is Upon Us!

I wish the entire country could watch Seattle news right now. STORM WATCH 2o08! As far as our local news stations are concerned, nothing is happening in the world except this apocalyptic blizzard. Blagojevich? Shoe throwing? Um, no. Just snow. Just the white death.

Seattle is famously hysterical about snow; on Wednesday every school in the area was closed just in case it might snow. (As it turned out, there wasn't so much as a flurry till Thursday. Oops.) But now we've got about a foot of snow on our street, and my sister's flight's been delayed into 2009, and we're supposed to get another six inches tonight.

But that's not what I'm here to share with you. No, I'm here to share this unbelievable act of stupidity with you.

This accident happened just a few blocks from my house. Three charter buses decided to drive down East Thomas, a residential street, since Denny Way was closed. The logic is inspiring: Denny Way is a major arterial, and it was closed due to ice. So the bus drivers chose to go down a residential hill that is even steeper and less traversed. And which happens to end in a guardrail and a thirty-foot drop onto the freeway. Brilliant! 

Here's hoping I see my sister and brother-in-law by Christmas. If we're lucky, they'll be here by 3am. I'm going to make their bed now, just in case. 

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Kathleen said...

This is where I get my news. Sensationalism! The 'Huffington Post' said there was never any danger of the bus falling onto the freeway, but check out Fox's take on it:,2933,470587,00.html