Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Leonard Cohen

I love Leonard Cohen. Here's an article from the New York Times about his latest tour. 

Asked whether he does yoga to build strength and agility for his stage shows, Mr. Cohen, his demeanor courtly but reserved, smiled and replied, "That is my yoga." 

In fact, Mr. Cohen appears to see performance and prayer as aspects of the same larger divine enterprise . . . "There's a similarity in the quality of the daily life" on the road and in the monastery, Mr. Cohen said. "There's just a sense of purpose" in which "a lot of extraneous material is naturally and necessarily discarded," and what is left is a "rigorous and severe" routine in which "the capacity to focus becomes much easier."


fingeth said...

his music aleasy reminds me of doing weird theatrical warm up exercises in rough and cold theater space at the UW!

SM said...

Fingeth, that is hysterical. When I think of those ridiculous exercises, it's Peter Gabriel and Enya that come to mind!

JM said...

I know that I find the rhythm of the road addictive. At home there are always a million things I could be doing (organize that closet, fix that drawer, see that friend), but if we're on tour then my focus is entirely on THE SHOW. It always makes for a disorienting re-entry.