Thursday, February 9, 2012

Yoga Bitch in Los Angeles

If any of you are in LA this weekend, I'm thrilled to say that I'll be reading at Yogala in Echo Park this Saturday, February 11th at 6pm. Some of the nicest and smartest yogis I've met teach or attend classes at Yogala, including the marvelous Lia Aprile of Shantitown, who will be introducing me. Come on out!

I'll be staying with my dear friend Jessica and her many men (well, her husband and two baby boys) and hopefully not thinking about writing, which has been tough lately. Feels like I start bleeding every time I sit down at my desk. I want to bleach out in the sun and meet a bunch of yogis and enjoy some mommy-margarita time with Jess. And, and! I'm very excited to meet Claire Bidwell Smith while I'm in LA. Claire is the author of the just-released memoir, The Rules of Inheritance, her story of coming of age after losing both her parents by her mid-twenties. I am so excited to read Claire's book-- hers is one of the few blogs I read religiously. Check it out.

Hope to see you there, Angelinos!


Nicole said...

Happy weekend in LA, Suzanne!
J'ai fini de relire ton livre pour une deuxième fois et tu avais raison, tu ne parles pas de ton séjour à Montréal. Je ne sais vraiment pas où j'ai pris cette histoire là.
Enfin, ce n'est pas ben grave. Passe une super belle fin de semaine avec ton amie Jess. Tu lui diras que je l'ai beaucoup aimée dans ton livre. Ciao !

Dragon Fly said...

I LOVELOVELOVELOVELOVELOVELOVELOVE your book. Am in the middle of it as I type! I can not begin to tell you how much it has inspired me to dip my wings back into the world of reading...and writing. And to flip my internal yoga finger during class.
Love it.
Dragon Fly

Suzanne Morrison said...

Nicole-- d'abord, merci! J'adore que tu as relu mon livre. C'est super. Je me demande si tu as lu l'histoire que j'ai ecris pour le site

Passe un tres bon weekend, Nicole!

Suzanne Morrison said...

Dragon Fly, thank you for your note! I'm so happy to hear you're liking the book. I especially love knowing it's made you want to read and write more . . . and flip that yoga finger when necessary. Have a great weekend!

BaneX said...
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StoryTeller said...

Hello from Serbia!!
My name is Branislav Ivkovic, and I am at this moment translating your book "Yoga Bitch" into Serbian.
Just wanted to tell you that it's an amazing read and such a funny book to translate.
About 100 pages to go (can't wait to see how it all works out!) then the editors will have a look, and in a month or so it will published! I'm sure it'll be a bestseller! :D

All the best from Serbia,

p.s. I can't wait to see the Serbian!

Suzanne Morrison said...

Bran, I'm delighted to hear from you! I must say, having Yoga Bitch translated is one of the best parts of this job. I'm thrilled that the book will be coming out in Serbia-- I only wish I could visit to see it in bookstores! I've always wanted to visit-- I'm a huge fan of Danilo Kis and Emir Kusturica's films-- but haven't had the chance yet. Someday soon, I hope!

If you have any questions or need clarification on anything at all, don't hesitate to contact me. Can't wait to see how the book turns out!

Tammie said...

I just finished reading Yoga bitch. It is my summer yoga read. Thanks for sharing your story. I really identified with your journey of self-doubt, ego, and wanting to believe, but not wanting to be "duped".

Tammie said...

I just finished reading your book. I loved it. Thanks for sharing all of the self-doubt, ego attachment, and questioning that any good yogi struggles through.

Suzanne Morrison said...

Thanks, Tammie! So glad you enjoyed the book.