Saturday, February 26, 2011

Second Book, First draft: Banish the Editor

Here's the latest dispatch from my Huffington Post blog.

This new story is a big one, about love and betrayal, sex and identity. When I fantasized about writing this book, I imagined it bursting from my fingers like sorcery. I forgot how treacherous a first draft can be; how words elude me, how my voice betrays me, bopping about from hysterical to ironic to desperately sincere. Only six months ago I was working on a final draft. That stage in the writing couldn't be more different. Six months ago I felt as confident as a calligrapher. Now I'm a four year old holding a jumbo crayon. 

My editor self squirms at the work ahead of her.


Anonymous said...


sorry, i got off the subject

SM said...

Indonesia, Bali, gamelan are in the book that's done. This one's all Europe, Munich, Joy Division; America, Seattle, Tori Amos.