Saturday, March 5, 2011

Eduardo Galeano

Marcela was visiting the snowy North. One night in Oslo, she met a woman who sang and told stories. Between songs, she would spin yarns, glancing at slips of paper like someone telling fortunes from crib notes.

This woman from Oslo had an enormous dress dotted all over with pockets. She would pull slips of paper out of her pockets one by one, each with its story to tell, stories tried and true of people who wished to come back to life through witchcraft. And so she raised the dead and the forgotten, and from the depths of her dress sprang the odysseys and loves of the human animal who goes on living, who goes on speaking.

From The Book of Embraces (Translated by Cedric Belfrage)


S.P. Miskowski said...

What a glorious image! Thanks.

Suzanne Morrison said...

I love his writing.