Monday, September 15, 2008

Friends, Family, Yoga-phobes-and-philes,

I'll be performing Yoga Bitch in a month-long engagement with Seattle's kickass performance space and drinking establishment, Re-bar, starting this Friday, September 19th, and running Fridays and Saturdays through October 11th. 

I couldn't be more excited about it. We had a tremendous response from audiences at Bumbershoot over Labor Day weekend, and I'm hoping many of the good folks who were turned away from those shows will make it now. Re-bar is a great space, with a great bar, and great, comfy booths-- so you won't have to go far to get that after-show drink.

Come on out! I'll do the yoga, you do the drinking, and together we'll reach some approximation of enlightenment. Seriously. We'll palpate your chakras.



When Suzanne Morrison arrived in Bali for a two-month yoga retreat, she thought she was on the path to inner peace and killer abs. She imagined that she would return to the States a changed person, no longer a cynical, chain-smoking cocktail waitress but instead an enlightened being who would greet each day with a salute to the sun, and at night swaddle herself in cashmere apres-yoga wraps to welcome the moon. But the universe had other plans for her . . .

In a show Time Out London called "New Age Nirvana," Morrison explores her attempts to find her higher self in a strange world where blenders become possessed by spirits, Prada lust is at a fever-pitch, a milkshake can throw a guru into a rage, and everyone around her tries to make her drink her own pee.

Directed by Jean-Michele Gregory (How Theater Failed America, 21 Dog Years), Yoga Bitch comes to Seattle's Re-bar after playing sold-out shows in London, Oxford, and Maui, offering both yogis and skeptics alike an irreverent glimpse at what can go wrong on the road to enlightenment.

Created and performed by Suzanne Morrison
Directed by Jean-Michele Gregory
Re-bar, 1114 Howell Street
Fridays and Saturdays, 8pm
September 19-October 11

"Morrison is engagingly honest whilst still being downright hilarious . . . Yoga Bitch will likely keep you laughing no matter if you've practiced yoga, and even if you've never even heard of a 'kundalini' experience." -- Daily Info, Oxford

"Accomplished and entertaining . . . aside from the humour, the play also intelligently offers a window into the world of those peculiar souls perpetually clamoring for 'enlightenment' and the next spiritual high. Impressively, it did so honestly, neither with condescension nor reverence." --

"Virtuosic . . . Morrison hit all the right notes." -- Maui Weekly


Kathleen said...

Have you any thoughts on this, Suzananda?

SM said...

I saw this the other day! I believe it's no different than the yoga journal conferences that take place here semiannually- essentially an academic conference, except that instead of presenting papers they present master classes on chakra-opening and bandha-manipulation, yoga-for-your-dosha, that sort of thing . . . and anyone can attend, for a pretty little fee.

Dayes said...

Hi Kathleen,

I was in Seattle yesterday and caught the show. It was AWESOME! My friend and I had a fab-u-lous time. Would you consider coming to Toronto to put this show on? There's a huge yoga culture there.

- dayes