Monday, September 15, 2008

Speaking Out About Sexual Abuse and Stretching Outside Yoga Perfection

That's the title on Sound Focus's home page regarding their show today.

When I first looked at it, knowing that the "Yoga Perfection" mentioned here has to do with my show, Yoga Bitch, I thought to myself: Did I talk about sexual abuse in this interview, too? I could have said something-- it's entirely too possible-- about what in more repressed times we referred to as self-abuse. But, huh. I mean, I was really wracking my brain to come up with something. 

Then I noticed that I wasn't the only person being interviewed that day. Ding-ding-ding! Answer!

I'll be on KUOW (94.9) today at 2pm, talking about the difficulties of living an extreme yogic lifestyle when all you want to do is smoke, drink, and screw. Um, and when you're also a total narcissist. 

Sound Focus's charming Jeremy Richards conducted the interview.

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